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The majority of mid-sized manufacturers still rely on paper operations. These suppliers form the backbone of American manufacturing. Yet, no one created good solutions just for them. 

The story behind Pico MES

We’re focused on helping the supply base be more effective.

We created Pico MES to help manufacturers error-proof their operations and better measure productivity so they’re equipped to address labor challenges for producing advanced products. Anybody of any background can quickly and easily learn assembly processes by using Pico MES.

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Backed by world-class investors

We are backed by some of the strongest investors in the industry. As experts in technology, these investors and advisors leverage technology for real world problems, improving efficiency and sustainability.

Bosch Ventures
Union Labs
Congruent Ventures
SE Ventures
Counterpart Ventures

Life at Pico MES

We are a 100% remote workforce so you can do your best work, from anywhere. Spread out over multiple time zones, we communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and collaborate via Slack and Google Meet. We are a young company that is growing very fast and always looking for talent to join us. Feel free to send us your resume and join our talent community!

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