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The digital transformation of mid-sized factories requires collaboration across the broader ecosystem. Tool manufacturers, service providers, and other technology partners all benefit from our referral-based program. 

Reasons to partner with Pico MES:

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with our MES enables powerful data and analytics for continuous improvement.

Faster time-to-market

Quickly extend your reach to more factories and offer a more complete solution.

More revenue opportunities

We promote our partner network to our growing customer base through social media, webinars, events, and more.

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Ingersoll Rand
Industry 4.0
Alliance Solutions Group
Enterprise Minnesota
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A new standard for excellence and quality control

Pico MES’ ease-of-use and real-time data capabilities bring real value to the assembly line. Our integration with Pico does not just prevent human and operational errors, but sets a new standard for excellence and quality control in manufacturing for all small to mid-sized factories.

Dan Smith

VP of Sales, Kolver

Benchmark for quality assurance

Pico MES integration not only mitigates errors but also establishes a benchmark for superior excellence and quality assurance across small to mid-sized manufacturing facilities.

Kyle Butler

Product Manager, Zemarc Fluid Power

Fast, effortless device integration

By leveraging Pico MES, our customers at Ingersoll Rand experience enhanced operational efficiency, real-time data insights and a fully connected ecosystem that drives productivity and innovation without the constraints of traditional brand specific platforms. Pico MES is more than just software; it's a catalyst for industry advancement.

Jamie Bull

UKI Country Leader-Power Tools Division

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