Automate error-proofing for assembly processes

72% of manufacturing operations are still performed by humans. Instantly make them more productive with PICO. 

Automate error-proofing

Robust in capabilities

Visual worker guidance

Digital work instructions are easy to create with pictures, videos, and annotations.

Connected tools

Integrate with over 200 IoT devices for a connected factory.

System integrations

Seamlessly integrate with ERP systems and other business applications to maximize ROI.


Search by serial number, operator, and more. Provide traceability reports that assure product quality.

With plug-and-play tool integrations, detailed work instructions, and full data visibility, Pico MES is built to help your operators deliver maximum performance. We know the challenges operators face, because we’ve been there. So we’re committed to helping manufacturers eliminate hidden knowledge, connecting isolated tools to one platform, and finding a home for your data.

Digital work instructions and connected tools

Come build with us

Pico MES makes it easy for operators of every skill level to follow work instructions without the guesswork. Hear how Tritium reduced onboarding time from 2 months--> 2 weeks for new operators which enabled their factory to ramp up production. 

Error-proofing that’s quick and easy to set up — without headaches

< 30 Minutes

Create a full set of work instructions

< 1 Hour

Connect a shop floor tool with the work instructions

< 2 Weeks

Integrate Pico MES with your ERP system

< Months

See payback in a matter of months, not years

Data for continuous improvement

Ditch the stopwatch and clipboard. Harness real-time data for continuous improvement in cycle time and operator efficiency. Pull data into your favorite BI tool such as Power BI, Tableau, HEX, MS Excel, and Sigma to streamline analytics and reporting.

Data traceability

See it in action

We use our own software every day to stress test its capabilities. Hear how we use Pico MES to build Pico Hubs.

Gain access to hundreds of solutions from a single platform

Step into the future of factory operations with Pico MES. Start your journey toward a more efficient, error-proof factory floor today.


Add new device in Pico MES