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Experience instant error-proofing through our operator guidance and connected platform.
Pico MES free trial

Easy to test drive with rapid ROI


Easily install Pico MES as a cloud development or if you prefer on-premise, we'll send you the necessary hardware.


Digitize workflows and gain visibility into real-time data to baseline performance.


Take action using data analytics to make operational changes. 


Connect to other business systems across the shop floor and integrate with devices to error-proof on a larger scale.

Pico MES box free trial box

A trial program that delivers mutual benefits

We’re confident that you’ll receive instant ROI with the free trial. Here’s the best way to prepare for it:

  • Objectives for the free trial are aligned
  • Champion has been identified
  • IT infrastructure has been communicated
  • Timeline is agreed upon

Don’t meet all the criteria? No worries, we can find other ways to help you on your journey to assembly automation. 

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Pico MES is easy to install, and we’re here to help every step of the way. See for yourself why so many manufacturers rely on Pico MES for instant error-proofing

  • Capture and baseline real-time data
  • See the value of Pico MES before scaling
  • Easy to test-drive
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