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Connected Tools

Gain access to thousands of devices - all from a single platform. 


Plug & Play Connections

Integrate thousands of commercially available shop-floor tools into your work instructions and instantly error-proof assembly. All of these connections are pre-programmed, with data available in minutes. New integrations are added on a monthly basis. 

Badge Readers

Protocols: USB PCSC or USB HlD

HID  Omnikey Badge Reader 5022 badge-hid_omnikey_5022
HID Omnikey Badge  Reader 5025 badge-hid_omnikey_5025
Sycreader RFID Smart Card Reader R10C badge-sycreader_r10c_20220510


Protocols: USB HID or Bluetooth

Fowler IP67 Digital Caliper caliper-fowler_54-100-588_bt_caliper
Mahr Micrometers. uMaxum Comparator caliper-mahr_umaxum
Mitutoyo Depth Gauge caliper-mitutoyo_series_329
Mitutoyo Bluetooth Calipers caliper-mitutoyo_USB


Protocols: USB Webcam

ELP Black Mini USB Camera camera-elp-cam-1597406308
IFWATER 4k USB Cameras: 2.8-12mm & 5-50mm camera-ifwater_4k_camera
Logitech C920x USB Webcam camera-Logi_HD_1060p

CNC Machines

Protocols: GPIO or Ethernet IP


3-Axis Machining Center

V-Performa Series

HIOKI Flying Probe CSV Parser CNC-hiokiFlyingProbe

3-Axis Machining Center



Discrete IO

Protocols: GPIO or USB




D3M-01L2-3 Switch

Pico MES

Analog Pressure Transducer


Electrical Testers

Protocols:  USB Serial or RS-232


Associate Research Hypot Tester with USB Serial Input/ Output elec-ar_hypot
BK Precision LCR Meter 889B electric-bkprecision_889b
BK Precision Handheld LCR Meter 880 electric-bkprecision_880
Chroma Hipot Tester Guardian electric-chroma_safety_19032
Megger Hipot Tester DLR0200 w/ 0.1  µΩ and 1 Ω Range elec-megger_dlro200


Environmental Sensors

Protocols: Modbus, Ethernet or USB Serial

Cincinnati Sentinel Leak Tester environ-cts_blackbelt
Met One GT-521S Handheld Particle Counter environ-metone_gt-521S
Monnit Wireless Low Temperature Sensor environ-monnit_low_temperature_sensor
Omega Barometric Pressure, Temperature and Humidity foot-iKKEGOL_usb_pedal


Foot Pedal

Protocols: GPIO or USB HID

IKKEGOL USB Foot Switch foot-iKKEGOL_usb_pedal
TEMCO INDUSTRIAL Heavy Duty Foot Switch CN0003 foot-TEMCo-CN0003-1565306338mobile-lenovo_tab_k10


TREADLITE Foot Switch T-91-S foot-treadlite_gpio_pedal

Label Printers

Protocols: USB CUPS + ZPL

Brother HL-L2350DW USB + Network Laser Printer printer-brother_HL-L2350DW_printer
Dymo LabelWriter 4XL printer-dymo_labelwriter4xl
Dymo LabelWriter 550 Turbo printer-dymo_labelwriter500turbo-1
HP LaserJet Pro M15w USB printer-HP_M15W
Zebra ZD410 USB Printer printer-ZD410_2


Protocols: HDMI & USB HID

Angel Touchscreen POS 17 monitor-angel_pos_17
Asus Touchscreen 15.6" monitor-asus_15.6_touchscreen
Asus Touchscreen 21.5" monitor-asus_vt229h
Eyoyo Portable Touchscreen 15.6" monitor-eyoyo_15.6_monitor
HP All-in-One ProOne 600 G5 monitor-hp_pro_one_600
LG External Monitor 32ML600M monitor-lg_32ml600m

Parsing Scripts & Custom Devices

Protocols: Custom 

Data Parsers & Serial Number Generators Extracting Data from Previously Captured Values
Custom Equipment (eg. End of Line Testers) CAN, USB, Modbus, Ethernet, Windows Share Drive, etc


Protocols: Modbus-RTU 

Banner Pick-to-Light PTL 110 Series Pick2-banner_ptl110


Protocols: OPC-UA

Click Koyo C0-11DRE-D PLC-click_plc_C0-11DRE-D
Ignition OPC-UA Server PLC-Ignition-Logo-LG
Kepware OPC-UA Server PLC-Kepware-Logo-LG


Protocols: USB Serial or RS-232

Ohaus Explorer Precision High Capacity Scale EX35001 scale-ohaus_ex35001_scale
Ohaus Scout Scales scale-eq-ohaus-1624348385
Pennsylvania 7500 Series scale-pennsylvania_7500_scale


Protocols: USB HID

Honeywell Rugged Scanner 1991i scanner-granite1991i
Nadamoo Barcode Reader Bur-3072-2D scanner-nadamoo_Bur3072
Nadamoo Barcode Reader Bur-3069-23 scan-nadamoo_Bur-3069-2D
Pico MES Operator Badge 100016-0-A1 scanner-pico_operator_badge
ProGlove Index Trigger Barcode Reader scanner-proglove_scanner
Realinn Barcode Reader RL6200W scanner-realinn_r6200w_2
Socket Mobile SocketScan S7xx Series scanner-socketmobile_S700
Teemi Barcode Reader T22N-AU scanner-teemi_t22n
Tera Barcode Reader D5100 scanner-tera_D5100
Wasp Laser Barcode Scanner WLS9600 scanner-wasp_WLS9600
Zebra Barcode Reader LS4278 scanner-zebra_ls4278
Zebra Barcode Reader DS4208 scanner-zebra_ds4208
Zebra Barcode Reader DS2208 scanner-zebra_ds2208
Zebra Barcode Reader DS8178 scanner-zebra_ds8178
Zebra Fix-Mount Barcode Reader DS457 scanner-zebraDS457

Tablets & Mobile Devices

Protocols: Pico MES Mobile App

Lenovo K10 Tablet mobile-lenovo_tab_k10
Lenovo M10 FHD Plus Tablet mobile-lenovo_tab_m10_plus

G7 Plus




SM-P580 Tab w/ S Pen


Galaxy Tab S6 Lite


SM-T500 Tab A7


SM-T510 Tab A


Torque Controllers

Protocols: Open Protocol

Almco AcraDyne ACE Gen IV tcontr-acradyne_ACE
Cleco mPro 400 tcontr-cleco_mpro400
Cleco mPro 200 tcontr-cleco_mpro200
Crane TCI Multi Lineside Controller tcontr-crane_tci_multi
Deprag ComCenter 10 tcontr-deprag_comcenter_10
Deprag Torque Controller AST-11 tcontr-deprag_ast11
Desoutter CVI3 Range Controller tcontr-cvi3_vision
Estic Handy 2000 Series tcontr-estic_handy2000_touch-micro
Ingersoll Rand INSIGHTqc tcontr-ingersoll_rand_insight
Ingersoll Rand Process Communication Module (PCM) tcontr-ingersoll_rand_qx_pcm
Kolver K-Ducer  tcontr-kolver_kducer
Panasonic Assembly Controller EYFR0x Series tcontr-panasonic_EYFR03B_20220510
Stanley Assembly Technologies QB Expert tcontr-stanley_qb_expert
Sturtevant Richmont Global 400 Series Controller tcontr-sr_global_400mp

Torque Tools

Protocols: Open Protocol

Atlas Copco Tensor ITB-A Nutrunner tool-acITB
Cleco Electric Nutrunner 80EAN Series tool-cleco_30ean28fa3_20220510
Crane Electronics WrenchStar Multi Torque Wrench tool-crane_wrenchstar_multi
Deprag Torque Tool 320EG tool-deprag_320eg_20220510
Deprag Torque Tool 318APT tool-deprag_minimat_ec
Deprag Torque Tool 318AWT tool-deprag_318awt
Desoutter EID Inline Nutrunner tool-eid_inline
Estic Electric Nutrunner EHW-H0015 tool-estic_eh2h0015
Estic Electric Nutrunner EH2-RA1000 tool-estic_ra1000
Ingersoll Rand 20V, Cordless Angle Wrench QXX2AT series tool-ingersoll_rand_qx_rightangle40
Ingersoll Rand 20V, Precision Screwdriver QXX2PT series tool-ingersoll_rand_qx_pistol
Ingersoll Rand 20V, Torque Multiplier QXX2PT Series tool-ingersoll_rand_qx_multiplier
Ingersoll Rand 40V, Cordless Angle Wrench QXX Series tool-ingersoll_rand_qx_rightangle40
Kolver Angle KDS tool-Kolver-KDS-Ang
Kolver Inline KDS tool-Kolver-KDS-Inline
Panasonic Accupulse 4.0 EYFM Series tool-panasonic_accupulse_tool
Stanley Assembly Tech Cordless Angle Wrench B-Series tool-stanley_right_angle
Sturtevant Richmont 1350 Series Torque Driver tool-sr_1350_tool
Uryu/Almo Pneumatic Pulse Tool UA- Series tool-uryo_pulse_pistol