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Work Instructions

Easy to configure and easy to use work instructions

Reduce mistakes – and repetitive questions

Increase productivity and retention of new operators

Never slow down veteran operators

No clicking!

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Capture Quality Data

Collect machine data automatically and enable operators to record images tied to the build

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Automatically record data from tools and machines

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Seamlessly capture images during assembly

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Troubleshoot errors even after a part has left your facility

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Increase margins with accurate input cost data

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Business Intelligence

Understand what’s really happening at the operator and tool level

Automatic readings mean accurate data down to each build

Accurately bid on new jobs knowing utilization and cost 

Accurate data means better decisions on hiring and new tools

Easily diagnose downtime causes so you can fix quickly

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Quickly integrate the tools you have today and be ready for new tools tomorrow

Programing 1

Deep integrations with common tool brands

Implementation 1

Custom integrations with your custom tools


Immediately connect any tool on the network

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Quickly integrate future tools

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Work instructions used to be a pain. With Pico, they're easy to write and even easier to use. Unlike antiquated binders or powerpoint decks that nobody looks at, Pico is always in view on a touch screen or tablet. It's magically easy to use–automatically advancing between steps, automatically jumping to the right step when it's supposed to, even logging in when your operator's RFID badge gets close to the station. You've got to try Pico to really believe it. 

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