Stop making mistakes

End daily frustration one small step at a time.

The pains we solve

Get the small things right to make big things happen.

Prevent mistakes

Do mistakes happen frequently, even for your best trained operators?

Record everything

Need to diagnose a problem inside a product–that you shipped six months ago?

Data not assumptions

Do you need that new machine, or could some operators be more efficient?

Empower everyone

Can everyone take pride in catching mistakes and improving your processes every day?

The reasons it works

Built by factory people for factory people.

Operator instructions

Simple to create and use instructions to get new people up to speed fast.

No clicks

Automatic login. Automatic advancement. No wasted time and perfect data.

No big commitment

Try just 1 station, and add stations when you're ready. We're with you for your journey.

Local deployment

If your internet goes out, your line won't–and you'll still get the data.

Mix and match

Use affordable tools without sacrifice. We integrate with 100s of tools–and add more every day.

Safety and compliance built in

Disable tools that aren't needed automatically. Ensure a supervisor actually checks an error before moving on.

Ready to start your journey to a factory without mistakes?

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