Connect your factory to the best tools for assembly 

Integrate tools, devices, and systems across the shop floor into a common platform to error-proof assembly operations.



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Integrated with leading manufacturers

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Rhino Tool House
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Automate error-proofing for assembly operations


Simplify data collection

In a factory that uses hundreds of different tool brands, it’s easy for data to be isolated. Streamline data collection from common shop floor tools into a single system. Integrate tool performance data with digital work instructions for instant error-proofing


Worker guidance for quality control

Help your operators build products to a common standard of quality. Digital work instructions act as a gatekeeper that aids and doesn’t disturb. Easy to update with rich multimedia content, version control, and process variants.

Quality Control

Operational visibility

  • "Am I winning or losing today?"
  • "Are my operators consistently hitting their production targets?
  • "Can I isolate my errors to who built the product and why?" 

Arm the operations team with quick insights and give them the bigger picture. Enable them to respond to issues as they happen. 

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Easy to integrate

Pico MES seamlessly integrates with business systems like ERP, tools, and communication channels.  Connecting with existing technology infrastructure is where our customers realize the most ROI. 


Empowering manufacturers across America and the world

Here's how we've helped manufacturers feel victorious — enabling their factories to be more efficient, productive, and connected.

Amazing capabilities for a small price

Incredibly powerful with minimal impact on cost

Raakesh B.

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

Flexibility and Support

I can not imagine another MES that is as flexible to meet our needs. I have enjoyed working with Pico MES and the Pico team.

Talen G.

Program Manager

Dramatic Production Floor Improvement

Very versatile tool that has many applications that our company is still learning all the ways we can use it. Can't say enough good things about Pico as a company and the great crew they have put together around this software. They are a pleasure to work with.

Greg W.

Process Improvement Engineer

Good MES, very helpful

Once set up, it is very helpful in use of construction of parts and keeping track of quality, especially after allowing the taking of pictures. The steps and tools are also very helpful.

Donald W.

Integrations Engineer

Pico is a must have!

Our experience with Pico has been great. Communication with the staff is exceptional.

Chris S.

Manufacturing Engineer

Simple and Easy to use MES

Loved it. Definitely would recommend to any manufacturing company that wants to go digital.

Trevor O.

Manufacturing Engineer


Overall, I am very happy with PICO. I am not an everyday user, but it has accomplished what we wanted it to do at our plant and we are planning further implementation in the future.

Jarrett H.

Quality Engineer

Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturer

Overall, my experience with Pico MES has been outstanding. The team is very knowledgeable and responsive. We have asked Pico to expand their product offering to accommodate our needs and, so far, we have not had a request that Pico MES could not find a solution for.

Cody C.

Tool Crib Manager

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