Error-proof your factory


Connect shop floor tools I Trace every action I Execute confidently

All from a single platform


Designed specifically for small and mid-sized factories

Affordably priced. No consultants or specialized programmers needed. Only pay for what you need, when you need it. In a world increasingly reliant on data, Pico makes it simple for all businesses to have the data required to succeed in today’s world.


Best Automation Software For Manufacturers

Visual worker guidance

  • Easy-to-follow digital work instructions with pictures, videos, and annotations
  • Revision control and change notes
  • Language and translation support


Manufacturing Automation Solutions
Connected Devices To MES System

Pair with over 150 families of tools & machines

Tool and machine integrations are plug and play with no-code required. More integrations are added every month.


Consolidated data collection

  • Trace by serial number and operator
  • Quickly locate historical job data, process times, and productivity data
  • Leverage data analytics for performance improvements 


Manufacturing Execution System Solutions

Setup is quick and easy.

Runs locally to match your infrastructure, with the
benefits of cloud backup and support.


“Pico makes it easier to integrate an MES system into an organization that does not understand systems.”

Raakesh Bhat

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Lithos Energy

Manufacturing Execution System For Factories

Built-in error-proofing eliminates scrap and rework

Real-time process control with full traceability.


Tools sync with work instructions ensuring crucial steps are never missed and numbers are never off.


Instructions are easy-to-update, so operators always have the latest and most streamlined version when something changes.


Automatically track process and product serial numbers so operators always use a valid part for their next build.

“Pico adds necessary controls to help mitigate operator errors and it makes the job of our production managers and supervisors easier due to the automatic work order consumption. I also like the ability to analyze our cycle times to determine production capacity.”

Alvin Ta

Production Engineer
San Francisco, CA


What is Pico?

Pico MES is a factory operations platform built for small and medium-size factories. The Manufacturing Execution System provides real-time data through dynamic work instructions for operators and technicians, accurately reflecting your product flow. From integrating equipment to incorporating workstation tools, our software builds in consistency, quality control, and documentation at the ground level for daily production use.

What do I need for setup?

Your required hardware is only a small form factor server, and device hubs for workstations. Everything is formatted ahead of time and shipped directly to your location. Once powered on and connected to your network via an ethernet connection, your MES will be live. Here is a blog that explains more

Will it integrate with my ERP?
The Pico MES API provides a connection between the Pico server and an outside system (such as an ERP). The basic API structure allows for ERPs to create Work Orders in Pico. And then on completion of those Work Orders in Pico, Pico will send back completion messages to the ERP as dictated in the API endpoints.

In addition to Work Orders, Pico can also send the latest process configurations to the ERP. The Pico process configuration info allows the ERP to stay up to date with the latest processes and workflows created in Pico. This way, BOM items and/or routings in the ERP can be accurately mapped to Pico processes.
How quickly can I have workstations operational?

Once the server is plugged in and live, the first workstation can be active and operational the same day! Work instructions are quick and easy to update, and the tools at your workstations plug directly into the hub to capture all relevant and desired build activity.

How do I get my work instructions into Pico?

Pico has a user-friendly interface for creating your digital work instructions. Through pictures, videos, BOM tables, and other graphic design tools, your processes and products can quickly come to life as step-by-step instructions for your operators.

What kind of data is tracked?

You can measure every aspect of your operators - process cycle time, standard work efficiencies, throughput, product serial numbers from operation to operation, environmental data, torque values, and any and all other key process indicators. Because your work instructions integrate with the tools you use, each aspect of every workstation can be monitored.

How much does it cost?

Pico MES is available on a monthly subscription basis, structured in tiers by the number of devices active and integrated into your work instructions. The first tier covers all aspects of the work instructions and operators platform and includes up to 40 devices, or approximately 10 workstations.

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