Gain real-time operational visibility

Manual data capture takes too long and leads to errors. Pico MES provides accurate real-time production data to help drive continuous improvement.

Visualize your factory with Pico MES

Easily answer questions from the shop floor

  • What is the output at each workstation?
  • How much time does each process take?
  • What is the build history of each part?

Pico MES makes answering the easy questions easy, and answering the complex questions possible. Our data capabilities eliminate the noise by automatically providing efficiency and productivity data at the process, station, and factory level.

High-quality data

Measurements and results are checked at the point of capture by integrating IoT tools.

Structured reporting

Spend less time building reports and more time building with our pre-configured dashboards.

BI integration

Seamlessly integrate with your BI tools for in-depth analytics on KPIs unique to your business.

Real-time analytics

Monitor production across the factory floor and respond quickly to disruptions and bottlenecks.

Data analysis made easy

Pico MES is designed to reduce the amount of time spent crunching spreadsheets, and maximize the time spent on continuous improvement. Learn more about the features that help you do just that.

Pico MES build data table
  • Operators spend less time on manual data entry and avoid errors by automating data capture at the beginning of every new build
  • See time stamps of when the build started, who the operator was, total build time, and action results such as torque results, manual measurements, scanned part numbers, and more
Pico MES process analytics
  • Get an instant view of how your assembly process is performing over time
  • See the total number of builds, build time, and step time to track outliers and identify bottlenecks
Pico-data-station analytics
  • Learn about the productivity level of each workstation across the shop floor
  • Get an overview of the number of builds completed, average cycle time, and calculate loss from stretch build times to help your operators maximize efficiency
Pico MES production report
  • Know if you're hitting production targets with detailed reports from across the entire factory floor
  • See production rate and total builds over time to make sure your operation stays on track

“I love it because there’s so much information from a time study standpoint and from having a feedback loop of how production is actually going on the floor. That used to be a completely foreign concept to us.” Greg Whitt, Process Improvement Engineer, MORryde

Full backwards traceability

Track any historical product data within seconds. Simply search by serial number, part number, or job order to get detailed records of every associated build. 


Traceability with Pico MES

See how data drives continuous improvement

Gain access to hundreds of solutions from a single platform

Step into the future of factory operations with Pico MES. Start your journey toward a more efficient, error-proof factory floor today.


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