Train everyone to the same standard with digital work instructions

Just like Powerpoint, but 10X faster to create and use

“In addition to adding video content and colorful images to the digital work instructions, I really like how we can record what the end product should look like when it is finished. That way a worker is more likely to build it correctly." Chris Stewart, Pollington Machine Tool

Join other manufacturers in saying goodbye to paper instructions


Immediately improve quality and productivity

10X faster than powerpoint

Intuitive like powerpoint, but even faster to create and implement.

Training & onboarding

Clear operator guidance will expedite the learning process and allow new hires to become productive, quickly 


Improve first-time yield and reduce the likelihood of rework and scrap.

Quick deployment

Deploy digital work instructions in the cloud or on-premise. No IT support required. 

Digital work instructions overview

  • Displays colorful images, videos, and PDFs directly in the software
  • Version control and approval process
  • Templates and mass updates
  • Move backward to perform rework
  • Can receive signals to advance instructions
  • Ask operator questions under specified conditions
  • Automatic prompts if task completion is greater than average 


"I wish we made the move to digital work instructions sooner"

Hear our customer MORryde explain how their factory uses Pico's digital work instructions to build multiple product lines. 

High product variation? No problem

Easily create digital work instructions for variations of the same process. Examples from customers: 

  • Products that require different power supply components based on destination
  • Configurations that require a different number of bolts or torquing actions
  • Creating different variants based on language translations

Next steps: Let's error-proof the shop floor

Digital work instructions are foundational to training frontline operators. Unlock more value by integrating smart IoT tools into the work instructions to fully error-proof assembly processes. Customers see immediate ROI with shop floor connectivity. Learn more about error-proofing. 

Gain access to hundreds of solutions from a single platform

Step into the future of factory operations with Pico MES. Start your journey toward a more efficient, error-proof factory floor today.


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